Mã số: 3M 3301

3M 3301K-100 Organic Vapor Cartridge

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This cartridge use with 3M 3200 Half Mask.

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This cartridge use with 3M 3200 Half Mask. 
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Light-weight, Comfortable, Low maintenance, cost effective, Easy to clean, Asian design. Approve by the Labor department of and . Easy to use filter retainer. A dance material made filter to conform durability, safety, can increase breath in air to ensure comfort

Use with 3200 half mask only or we can add 7711 N95 filter and retainer 774 protects against organic vapors of low toxicity. Suitable for printing, agricultural spray, waste treatment, painting or dust operation etc...


  • Automotive - spray painting
  • Agriculture - pesticide spraying, fumigation
  • Pest control works
  • Shipbuilding/repair
  • Rubber/plastic manufacturing
  • Petrochemical operations
  • Woodworking
  • Construction
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